Panne bei den Oscars - falscher Film als Gewinner ausgerufen, Spiegel

Panne bei den Oscars - falscher Film als Gewinner ausgerufen

Pd impopolare ma degno di fiducia, Renzi diventa “uno dei tanti leader”, LA STAMPA

Studie des Familienministeriums-47.000 Frauen in Deutschland sind Opfer von Genitalverstümmelungen, Spiegel

Studie des Familienministeriums47.000 Frauen in Deutschland sind Opfer von Genitalverstümmelungen

REPORT:Families in the Economic Crisis-Eurofound

Despite a return to economic growth, lone-parent families and large families with three or more dependent children face significant difficulties throughout Europe. In some countries more than eight out of ten lone-parent families are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. There are also large disparities between Member States, with families in some countries significantly more likely to have difficulty in making ends meet than others. Read how families have been effected by the economic in the new report ‘Families in the economic crisis: Changes in policy measures in the EU’.