voskopoulosGeorgios Voskopoulos
Associate Professor
Department Of International and European Studies
University of Macedonia, Greece

Ακαδημαϊκοί τίτλοι:

  • BA, Department of Romance Studies, Brock University, Canada (1986)
  • BA, Department of FLTI, Ionian University, Greece (1996)
  • MA, Department of International Relations and Strategic Studies, Lancaster University, UK, (1997)
  • Ph.D. in European Studies, Exeter University, UK, Centre for European Studies (2001)

Taught Modules:

  1. The Organizing and Functioning System of the EU (Graduate)   semester 1   
  2. Foreign Policy and Defense of the European Union (Graduate)   semester 2   
  3. Foreign Policy and Defense of the European Union (Graduate)   semester 2   
  4. European Social Policy and Youth Policies (Graduate)   semester 2   
  5. Politics and Economy in Europe after the 2nd World War (Undergraduate)   semester 3   
  6. Greek Foreign policy (Undergraduate)   semester 5   
  7. European Economic and Politixal Integration Theories (Undergraduate)   semester 6   
  8. Political and Economical Governance of the European Union (Undergraduate)   semester 7   
  9. Politics and Economics of Defence (Undergraduate)   semester 8